Richard Zhuang

Richard Zhuang

Founder, Oceanway Yacht

Mr. Zhuang is the founder of Shenzhen OceanWay Yacht Service Co.,Ltd. He is good at researching China's yacht market and was the chief editor of the first report on China's yacht market.

He is committed to the policy research of China's yacht industry for many years. He has made great efforts to promote the yacht industry's digital service and focused on branding to Chinese yacht enterprises. He is a promoter of the development of China's yacht industry.

Shenzhen OceanWay Yacht Service was founded in 2013,which is a well-known professional media platform in China's yacht industry, dedicated to promoting Marine culture and spreading yacht life. We own yacht magazines, new media, and a yacht mall, located in Shenzhen, the most innovative city in China.

OceanWay as a leading comprehensive service provider in China yacht industry, established China's yacht marina database and the yacht ownership database for the Chinese yacht market analysis of professional consulting services and provided digital services in the yacht industry, is China's yacht industry innovators of the operation of digital, advocate and pioneer.