Musa Olatunji

Musa Olatunji

Lead Consultant of BeMORE Global Consulting

Musa Olatunji is a Policy Analyst, Trainer, Business Strategist, Accountant, Nation Builder and a Global Award Winner who co-founded MORE Global Foundation focusing on Quality Education and Good Governance. As the Lead Consultant of BeMORE Global Project Limited, he's the Coordinator for the 2021 NBC Coca-Cola #YouthEmpowered Digital Course with over 1,000 youths enrolled for free on the course focusing on Life and Busines Skills worth over N30 Million ($73,000) in Nigeria. He served as the Team Lead for data collection in Ethiopia, Uganda and Zambia with 4,158 respondents against 3,900 targets achieved within two weeks prior to 3 weeks deadline during the Heifer International African Youth and Smallholder Farmers Project. He also supervised the field due diligence task for 10 AgriTech organizations and 20 smallholders farmers in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mali and Zambia, carried out within two days prior to the 4 days deadline under the Heifer International Africa Youth Innovation Challenge Project.

He hails from Abeokuta North LGA in Ogun State, born and bred in Lagos State, travelled and lived across 23 States in Nigeria including West African countries with a network of diverse professionals across the world. He's designed by PURPOSE, driven with PASSION to create sustainable IMPACT and PROFIT in achieving the Africa we want. He has gained over ten years of experience and built leadership capacity within the National House of Assembly in Abuja, Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics, Oil & Gas Industries and NGOs. He's a MAPOLY Alumnus from the Accounting Department, Harvard Business School Online Business Lessons Cohort & Accra Business School Graduate, African Middle Eastern Leadership Institute (AMEL) with professional membership from the Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria Institute of Management Chartered and World Health Organisation among other institutions.

Musa has contributed and participated in reaching out to over 10,000 youths through several local and international NGOs he volunteers with. Through these experiences, he has developed strong Project Coordination and built Administrative Leadership Skills. His several engagements have led to featuring him on Theirworld in London, BBC Media Action, AIT, TVC, Clear View TV, Kaftan TV, Radio Nigeria (32 Stations), WFM Radio, Guardian, Vanguard Newspaper and other prints and online media platforms with awards and recognition from Africa, America, Asia, Europe with the recent 2021 Royal African Award and World Economic Forum Global Young Leader Nomination.

He’s on a mission to connect individuals who are passionate about creating sustainable change and help businesses thrives, create a society where every child has access to quality education irrespective of their background and discovering youth’s potentials through a developmental strategic approach that will deploy the greatness in them because they deserve MORE.