Mr An

Mr An

CEO of Deardearr

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Independent scholar

Founder of ""first person"" short video community

Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, majoring in video directing. During the school period, he taught art tests, participated in the school's teaching seminars, acted in plays, made films in the year of graduation, and then made many creative changes. He has been the director of propaganda films of top central enterprises such as ""China nuclear industry group"" and ""Beichen group"", and also shot commercial TVC advertisements, Then he moved to digital marketing company to serve as video director and enter into traffic delivery. In November 2021, the ""first person"" short video community was established, and the number of fans quickly exceeded one million. The community also reached the first place in the shaking tape class within 80 days. The teaching system of the ""first person"" creative community is different from the common mode of obtaining traffic on the Internet. Instead, it transforms various cross-border content carriers into short videos, reinterprets them from the perspective of ""temporal pressure"", redefines the language system of short videos, and leads many students to establish high-quality personal accounts on the Internet and harvest fans who like them.