Luc Lu

Luc Lu

Co-Founder, IMI

Luc Lu  Co-Founder of IMI (Investment Migration Insider)

陆琦 联合创始人

Luc Lu

Regional Partner in China

Investment Migration Insider (IMI Daily)

Luc Lu has worked in the financial services, residency, and citizenship planning industry for nearly 20 years at well-known domestic and foreign banks, immigration service agencies and international residential identity planning firms. He has a thorough understanding of the Chinese market and high-net-worth individuals. During many years of customer service and institutional cooperation, he has accumulated a wealth of high-net-worth clients and channel development resources.

In connection with high-net-worth individuals in China, he is familiar with overseas immigration program design and overseas asset planning and allocation, and has served hundreds of families. In terms of channel development, he also successfully brought the Global Investor Programs (GIP&MIS) of Singapore, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program, Malta’s Individual Investor Program (MIIP), and others to the Chinese market, and has hosted several international promotional activities.

At present, Luc is working as a regional partner in China for Investment Migration Insider. He is committed to establishing a platform for China to communicate with the global immigration industry as well as providing services for international immigration agencies to enter China and for Chinese immigration agencies to “go out”.

Paying attention to the dynamics and changes of China’s immigration market, Luc has published several exclusive observations on the Chinese market, which have been welcomed by readers. He is also responsible for promotion and operations in the Chinese region.



投资移民知情者 (IMI Daily)



目前,陆琦在投资移民知情者(IMI Daily)担任中国区合伙人,致力于建立中国与全球移民行业沟通的平台,为国际移民机构进入中国和中国移民机构“走出去”提供服务。